Génie civil : pose de tuyaux et de regards

Round Grab RG-100/150-SAFELOCK

N° de commande: 54500008

Also suitable for really large pipes!

With a patented safety locking system.

The clamping force of the claws is fully maintained in all cases, even if the carrier is operated incorrectly.

  • Patented safety locking system: When lifting the product, the grab generates tension on the pipe, which is maintained even when the product is set down.
  • One-man operation
  • With adjustable height supports, which can be adjusted with a scale using the external pipe diameter. This guarantees an optimum grab position
  • Slim design allows joint-sleeve pipes lying close together to be picked up onto the lorry loading area and used in  very narrow trenches
  • With handles to guide the claw
  • Easy, continuous adjustment of the external diameter by means of a scale from 920 mm to 1,530 mm using threaded spindles. Crank included in the delivery
  • Replaceable steel grab clamps with a reliable grip
  • Optionally available: rubber gripper jaws for gripping plastic-coated pipes

Outside Diameter of Pipe D mm (in): 970 – 1,530 (38 – 60")

Gripper Length mm (in): 460 (18")

Working Load Limit WLL kg (Ibs): 6,000 (13,230)

Dead Weight kg (Ibs): approx. 550 (1,210)

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